Outcomes and Benefits

Our programmes help build change capable organisations, where individuals have the skills and understanding to deal with change and feel empowered to embrace change now and in the future. Using Changeability helps deliver the following outcomes.

For Individuals: The Changeability programme provides insight into barriers to change and how to overcome these. It empowers self-leadership through the change, facilitating increased employee engagement and productivity.

For Teams: Changeability helps employees understand how to support each other and who they can draw on for support in their team. This focuses the team, unifying them to work together through the change, aligned with the organisational vision.

For Organisations: Changeability provides insight into how individuals and teams are being affected by the change. We provide practical recommendations to change leaders on where to focus time and resources and what they need to do to deliver the change successfully.

Benefits of using an External Facilitator

Our neutrality allows people to talk openly and honestly without fear of consequence. This enables Changeability to create accurate insight into what people impacted by the change are thinking and feeling, thereby allowing us to make highly relevant recommendations to change leaders.