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Changeability Programmes

Changeability programmes include workshops and one-to-one leadership coaching. Our workshops have been developed to address the different stages of organisational change and meet a range of desired outcomes.  They have been tried and tested and are proven to successfully deliver on change needs. We recognise that each change project presents its own unique challenges and our psychologist reviewed recommendations are customised to provide relevant actionable outcomes for our clients.

Here are four of our most popular workshops.

Navigating a Changing Environment –Dealing with uncertainty

This 2-hour workshop was designed for teams that are about to undergo a major change and are dealing with associated uncertainty. It provides an early opportunity for each team member to explore their own emotions and to identify ways in which they can help themselves navigate the change and stay centred through the process.

Provides insight into individual’s strengths and needs in relation to the change process and a realisation that people need to adopt a proactive approach to cope successfully with change. Encourages individuals to choose an appropriate attitude to take into the change process.

Each person takes away a personal action plan to assist them through the current change process and which will serve as a tool for future changes.

Moving Through Change –Readiness assessment and recommendations

A 3-hour workshop suitable for teams who are involved in a mandated or business critical change. Designed to assess the team’s readiness to play their part in the change and to encourage people to take ownership for successful implementation.

Includes a practical report delivered to change leaders assessing the team’s change readiness. The report highlights potential barriers and gives clear recommendations on where to target resources and support to ensure the change is a success.

Taking Charge of Change –Lead yourself positively

This 3-hour workshop is aimed at people who are undergoing a workplace change and who need to take personal responsibility and lead themselves positively through the experience.

  • A clear understanding of the process of change and how individuals experience change in different ways.
  • A recognition that individuals proceed through different stages of change and an understanding of the particular stage they are at.
  • Greater insight for delegates into their strengths and needs in relation to the change process.
  • An action plan for each individual on what they can do to engage with the change and experience it more positively.

Leading Successful Change – A workshop for change leaders

A 4-hour workshop for managers responsible for leading change. Learn how to engage with staff impacted by change and take them with you on the journey.

  • Clearly understand the role of an effective change leader.
  • Understand the process of change and how individuals experience change in different ways.
  • Develop insight for change leaders into their personal strengths and needs and learn tools that can be used to effectively engage their people.
  • Develop an action plan on how they will lead and support others through this and future change.

Customised Programmes –Tailored to meet your specific change needs

Changeability employs experienced programme designers. If our current programmes do not meet your particular change need, we will either modify an existing workshop, or develop a new programme, tailored to meet you specific business needs.


People involved in change processes may need guidance with their role and others may have a specific development need that they want to work on. Changeability offers peak performance and skill development coaching both individually and with teams. Our psychologist and coaching staff are skilled at helping to assess the change need and then facilitating coaching sessions that meet the desired outcomes.

For more details on Changeability Programmes please contact Dick Downing, 021 0272 4116.

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