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We are keen to help change leaders by offering here our top tips on a range of change management topics. We hope our top tips will develop into a useful guide to successful change management.

Top Tips No 1: Maintaining Relationships Through Change – The upside to angry employees

Of the two most common emotions that arise through change, anger is preferable to fear. Research has revealed that an angry employee is more optimistic and therefore more likely to predict less problematic consequences than a frightened one will during a change process.


Top Tips No 2: Technology Transfer

Effective change strategies are multidimensional and address several primary factors simultaneously – skills teaching, motivation, reduction of concerns and organisational issues involved with implementing change. This month we offer you a checklist that can be used to review your current communication plan against, or as a guideline when developing a proposal for change.


Top Tips No 3: Empower to reduce Resistance

“Once a company has made the decision to implement change in an organisation, the critical nature of a successful effort must include employee buy-in.” Billie Johnston (2012)


Top Tips No 4: Managing Uncertainty During Times of Change

Change is a time of transition – a journey from A to B, if you like. It can be an exciting new adventure for some, or an exhausting expedition for others. When an organisation faces change, the best results are often achieved if the route ahead is properly mapped out before starting off; clear directions are given en route; and everyone on board not only knows why they’re there, but most importantly, where they’re going!



For more information about ways to achieve successful change, contact the Changeability team and ask us about our ‘Building Readiness for Change’ workshops.

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