Changeability Model

Our model is evidence and practice based with client recommendations underpinned by psychologist evaluation.

Changeability is the social enterprise arm of Connect Supporting Recovery, a leading community based NGO, supporting mental health and wellbeing, with 20 years, hands on, practice-based experience, working with individuals to help them implement successful change. The Changeability change model is the product of our association with our parent organisation and is highly applicable to any organisation. It is about enabling people to develop insight, to take action and to approach change in a positive way.

Complements and Strengthens

Change management projects often focus on process and fail to understand the psychological impact on staff. Changeability has a unique focus on the human side of change which both complements and strengthens ‘process-driven’ change management.
Every Changeability programme is delivered looking through the lens of a specific change outlined by the client.

Insurance against Failed Change

Well managed change can result in highly effective and efficient organisations with engaged and satisfied staff. Unfortunately, industry surveys show up to 70% of change strategies fail. A frequent cause of failure is identified as a lack of engagement with affected staff. Changeability are experts on the human psychology of change with proven programmes that improve engagement and productivity.
Organisations use Changeability to deliver successful change and as mitigation against the cost of failed change.

Types of Change

Changeability works with organisations to help deliver any business critical change. Here are examples of typical change projects we can help with.
• Business transformation/restructure
• IT/Technology project
• Merger or acquisition
• Relocation
• Close down
• Any mandated change that is critical to business success and where people need to adapt to a new situation!

Types of Intervention

• Ahead of the change, when the rumour mill is working and people are feeling uncertain.
• After the change announcement, when you want to establish the change readiness of key staff and increase engagement.
• When it’s vital to get a clear picture of how people are coping and how they are impacted by the change.
• During the change, when you wish to review progress, issues, barriers and opportunities and identify how to strengthen and if necessary, reset the change process.
• Anytime people are feeling challenged by a change and are unhappy or disengaged.
• When the change is stuck and you need to accelerate the speed by which people move through the change.
• When you want people to take ownership of the change, be proactive and take responsibility for their part in the change.
• When trust and the psychological contract needs to be re-established

Changeability whitepaper

The Changeability model is based on practice-based evidence and a solid foundation of research. Assess, understand, minimise resistance, build readiness, empower staff and unlock the change capability within individuals and teams.

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